Measured Practice™ gives you a clear look at what shots are costing you strokes.

Quantifying Progress through Accountability

Measured Practice™ allows competitive players to analyze their game in a strokes gained and lost method. This program will analyze your on-course stats and more importantly your practice stats.

Tracking practice stats will allow players to practice with accountability and understand the quality of their shots at a higher level. Creating focused practice sessions on areas of your game that are losing you the most strokes is the most effective way to gain traction towards improvement and creating momentum in your game. For more detailed information please see theAbout page.

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Measured Practice™ currently has several specific features for players and coaches. The player features are designed to help players understand their game at a higher level and quantify their practice sessions. The coaching features are designed to help coaches manage their players and assist in assigning specific practices for players.

Track Your Practices

Track On-Course Stats

Track your game in a strokes gained and lost method.

Downloadable Scorecards

Downloadable Scorecards

Players can download scorecards to print and record the data from on and off course sessions.

Performance Breakdown

Performance Breakdown

Analyze your rounds by using the Performance Report.

Quick Entry Scorecard

Quick Data Entry

Players can enter their shots on their mobile devices or their laptops in a easy to enter method.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Track the different areas of your game over the span of your last 5 rounds.

Coaching System

Coaching Program

Coaches are able to manage their players and see their stats to help them improve further.

Skill Evaluations

Skill Evaluations

Players can complete quick and extended game evaluations on course to analysis all aspects of their game.

Custom Practices

Custom Practices Coming Soon!

Coaches will be able to assign practices to their players based off the players on course stats.

Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard
Reporting Dashboard

See It In Action...

On Course Data Entry

On Course Data Entry
Players can see how easy it is to enter their on-course data and how to enter the data onto the printable scorecards while on the course.

Daily Practice & Skill Evaluations

Daily Practice & Skill Evaluations
Players can see how enter and analysis the daily practice sessions and their skill evaluations.

Performance Report

Performance Report
Players can complete quick and extended game evaluations on course to analysis all aspects of their game.

Additional Features

Filter Options
Players can see how they have ultimate control over filtering their data to their needs.

How It Works

This is an example of how to enter your on course data. Players will enter their beginning and ending lies and their beginning and ending distances. When off the green players will record in yards and when on the green they will record in feet. Players can use range finders for off the green measurements and pace off the distance for when the ball is on the green.

Top Down View of Course With Shot Data

First Shot

Starting Lie:Tee
Starting Dst:500yd
Ending Lie:Sand Hazard
Ending Dst:250yd

Shot Value



Second Shot

Starting Lie:Sand Hazard
Starting Dst:250yd
Ending Lie:Fairway
Ending Dst:70yd

Shot Value



Third Shot

Starting Lie:Fairway
Starting Dst:70yd
Ending Lie:Green
Ending Dst:50ft

Shot Value



Fourth Shot

Starting Lie:Green
Starting Dst:50ft
Ending Lie:Green
Ending Dst:4ft

Shot Value



Fifth Shot

Starting Lie:Green
Starting Dst:4ft
Ending Lie:In The Hole
Ending Dst:N/A

Shot Value


How It Works Results


Hole Distance


Total Shots


Average Strokes


Strokes Gained/Lost


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The Measured Promise

The Measured Promise is to consistently enhance the program to meet the expectations of the players and the coaches. Measured Practice also promises to add suggested features that are in line with the future goals of the program.

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